"The world is full of obvious things
which nobody by any chance ever observes."
- Sherlock Holmes
Private Investigator Sacramento

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CAUGHTU INVESTIGATIONS is a California based private investigation company focused on serving our clients specific and ever changing needs. Our wealth and breadth of experience is unparalleled in the industry and allows us to accomplish what other investigative companies cannot. Having the instinct and foresight to break even the toughest cases is what separates us as private investigators from the rest of the field.

We investigate cases throughout the entire state of California, but will travel the entire United States if the needs of our clients dictate as such. Our diverse menu of Investigative Services is designed to serve the needs of our large corporate clients along with the simplicity of an individual request.

At CAUGHTU INVESTIGATIONS, we pride ourselves on the core objective of being able to convey with little doubt……NOW U KNOW!!!

Private Investigation Sacramento

California Private Investigation Services

Private Investigation Services

private investigation sacramento

  • Client Confidentiality – You hired a private investigator and we emphasis your privacy.


  • Quality Photographic Evidence – We provide compelling evidence with clear crisp photographs and video so there is no doubt left.


  • Frequent Client Updates – We understand the stress of “not knowing”, that’s why we keep you in the loop of how the investigation is going on a frequent basis


  • Admissible Evidence Collection – Our methods of collecting evidence ensure it can be used in a court proceeding to help you win your case.

  • Evidence Handling & Storage – We make sure all evidence collect is stored and kept secure until it is delivered to you.


  • Clearly Identified Case Objectives – Understanding your specific investigative goals will dictate your personalized investigative strategy.


  • Professional Reports – We present you with clear reports you can understand.


  • Timely Investigations – At Caughtu Investigations, we pride ourselves on resolving your case in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

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